Outdoor Kitchen Series Part One: LED Tape Light


LED Tape Lighting - Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Omaha Nebraska

LED landscape lighting is becoming more popular as more homeowners "go green". Here at McKay Lighting, one of the unique ways we utilize LED tape lighting to make outdoor kitchens look great at night. Outdoor kitchens are one of the hottest new trends in home construction and McKay's lighting designers continue to be on the cutting edge of ways to bring unique lighting to these outdoor living areas.

LED tape light is a very versatile type of lighting that can be used to provide light to a number of different areas. In these particular photos, the tape is used under an outdoor bar and under a grill counter. The light is bright enough to light the area around the counters, but not so bright that it overpowers the area. Shadow effects on the stones under the outdoor counters create a stunning visual effect.

While the light creates a great visual effect, it also makes the area around the outdoor kitchen much safer. Perhaps you have used an outdoor kitchen and worried about your footing while carrying food or drink or fumbled around in a cupboard looking for the correct grilling utensil. The light prevents toe stubs and makes the living area much safer after the sun has set, while also making the outdoor kitchen much easier to use at night.

Outdoor Kitchen Grill Lighting Omaha NE | McKay Landscape Lighting

LED tape light is different from other fixtures because of its unique tape-like nature that creates a uniform spread effect across a relatively large area. As the pictures indicate, the light seems to just "appear" from under the counters. The unique light is well-hidden during the day and even harder to find at night.

Like all McKay's LED products, the bulbs will last longer than a standard halogen bulb and use less energy; all while providing the light color unique to LED light bulbs. If you are looking to "go green" in your new or updated outdoor kitchen, this LED tape light is a great way to do so while also making the area look great at night.

If you are interested in learning more about LED lighting or outdoor kitchen lighting, please contact us. Our professional designers work with you to make your outdoor kitchen shine at night!

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