Outdoor Kitchen Series Part 3: LED Step Lighting



The third and final part of our outdoor kitchen series looks at a different application of LED tape lighting: LED step lighting. Any small step in your outdoor living area or outdoor kitchen can cause problems for you or your guests at night.  This unique LED stair lighting softly lights the steps to keep the area safer at night.

The picture included in this blog post includes LED tape lighting used on a deck, but tape lighting is quite versatile. Notice how the actual source of light is barely visible, yet the light almost seems to appear out of nowhere. The light gently rolls across much of the deck area and provides plenty of light to the entire living area.  This application can be used in any outdoor living area, and would look especially great around an outdoor kitchen area.

As detailed in a prior post, this unique lighting fixture can be installed under any ledge, whether that is at a bar or under a step. This allows the fixture to be hidden during the day and night, which allows it to provide a unique lighting look. Since the lighting is like tape, it provides a constant flow of light, instead of a couple bulbs shining on a large area.

LED landscape lighting allows you to "going green" when you install an LED fixture around your outdoor kitchen.  You will use significantly less energy and will replace bulbs less often.  LED outdoor lighting is still relatively new to the industry and tape lighting is one of McKay Lighting's favorite applications of the new technology. If you want to take LED lighting for a "test spin" these fixtures are definitely for you.


If you are looking for a unique way to make your outdoor kitchen look great at night, this LED step lighting may be a great option for your outdoor kitchen lighting. It is fairly easy to install and the cost benefits of LED are noticeable. This unique type of lighting will make your outdoor kitchen look great at night and will also make it much safer.  

If you are interested in learning more about LED step lighting, please contact a McKay designer at 402.389.3424 and we will work with you to make your outdoor kitchen area look great at night.

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