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Landscape Down Lighting Elkhorn NE McKay Landscape Lighting N  09The past few weekends here in Omaha remind us that warmer weather is on the horizon. These nice evenings provide an opportunity to cozy up on our deck or patio with loved ones while spending the evening relaxing under the stars.

Whether you have a small deck or an expansive patio, it is an extension of your home and provides a place to enjoy the outdoors throughout the day and into the evening.

Outdoor living areas are a continuing trend, in fact, a Houzz Landscaping & Garden Trends Study revealed that a majority of homeowners are upgrading their outdoor spaces and 64 percent are addressing their backyard. The top three uses of outdoor spaces are relaxing, gardening, and entertaining, with outdoor living and beauty as the most valued aspects of outdoor design. One common upgrade homeowners are making to their outdoor spaces is the addition of outdoor lighting, with most installing LED lighting (28 percent), solar (23 percent), or other (17 percent).

One of the benefits of landscape lighting is that it allows for more evenings spent enjoying your outdoor spaces whether it be relaxing, dining, or entertaining. We've put together the following ideas and tips for lighting your deck or patio:

Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas:

Patios are generally ground-level outdoor spaces paved with concrete, stone, bricks, or tile. If possible, you will want to start planning the lighting fixture placement before the hardscaping is finished.

That being said, you can still have beautiful exterior lighting if your patio is already constructed. The installation process with hardscapes in place is a little more difficult because the wire must be installed by drilling through the concrete, and hidden adequately. The fixture installation can prove difficult. We recommend hiring a lighting technician with experience installing fixtures into hardscapes.


Patio Seat Wall Lighting:

One option for lighting a patio is with the use of seat wall lighting. Small fixtures are embedded in a stone wall, providing a significant amount of light to the surrounding area. The fixtures are barely visible, bringing a unique lighting aspect to the outdoor living area and making it much safer at night.

Rustic Outdoor Living Area Lighitng McKay Landscape Lighting Omaha

Layering Patio Lighting Techniques:

A combination of lighting design techniques, by using seat wall lighting (as described previously), path lighting (along steps and paths), up lighting (fireplace and trees), and down lighting (grill area and trees). Lighting in layers not only creates interest, but some lighting techniques serve specific purposes. For example, the path lights make steps and walkways much safer by preventing trips and falls, down lighting fills in areas to ensure the space has adequate lighting throughout, while a down light above the grill allows for cooking after dark.

Exterior Deck Lighting Ideas:

A deck generally has a higher elevation, enclosed by railings, and usually, includes steps. These outdoor living spaces are typically made of wood or a composite wood alternative.

deck lighting omaha ne mckay landscape lighting 01

Deck Post Lighting:

Adding lighting to the posts of your deck can easily extend the time spent outside enjoying the evening, while adding safety, too. These custom designed fixtures are installed onto prominent posts of the deck and have a relatively large spread. They provide light close to the ground and signal the railing location.

Deck Lighting Omaha Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting-MK 04

Lighting Under the Deck:

The homeowner of this deck made a unique wood technique to enclose the bottom of the deck, lighting was installed to highlight its unique features and eliminate any potential dark spots adding a security element to the backyard.

Deck Stair Lighting Ideas:

Deck stairs can be dangerous at night when not properly illuminated. Adding lights to stairs will increase the nighttime safety for you and your guests, preventing possible trips and falls.


Deck Posts & Stair Lighting:

If you are adding lighting to your deck posts as mentioned above, you can use the same fixtures to light your stairs. These fixtures can be installed with minimal disruption, and come in a variety of colors and finishes to match the look of your deck.

Deck Stairs and Step Lighting

Step Lighting:

The use of seat wall light fixtures on deck steps creates an inviting look for an outdoor deck or patio. Down lighting can also be used to create a soft light that fills the entire outdoor living space.

There are many different ways to light a deck or patio, and a landscape lighting designer or specialist will have the experience and knowledge to consider safety, security, and beauty when creating a custom lighting design for your home or property.

Looking for more inspiration? View our Free Deck and Patio Lighting Idea Book»

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If you have any questions about deck or patio lighting or would like to discuss your outdoor lighting needs, please feel free to contact us or schedule a free consultation online!

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