Why Hire a Landscape Lighting Company with a Service Department?


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It's a good idea to discuss future maintenance services and options before having your outdoor lighting installed. Maintenance is essential to the continued beauty and functionality of a system and an easy topic to overlook.

Not all companies offer these services, yet at some point, even the best lighting systems will require maintenance because... Bulbs burn out. Fixtures get misaligned and collect debris or plant growth. Animals, weather, and other natural elements can also impact the overall performance of a lighting system.

Keep reading for even more reasons why it's smart to hire a company with a dedicated outdoor lighting maintenance department or team.

Reasons to hire a landscape lighting company with a dedicated service department

1) They're Familiar with the Outdoor Lighting System:

Generally, it's easier for a company to maintain a system they installed. Not only are they familiar with the fixtures, wattage, and other components of the system, but they'll have installation notes to reference.

If the company adheres to specific installation standards, as we do at McKay Lighting, the service technician will know exactly how the system was installed. This eliminates some of the guesswork during a service visit. It also helps reduce labor costs for the homeowner.

Without going into too much detail, voltage and fixture calculations will determine the wire selection. The wire connections must be waterproof to eliminate corrosion. Inadequate installation methods reduce the life of a system, make lights flicker on and off, or hinder it from working entirely. It can be timely and costly to repair wire connection problems.

2) They Keep Detailed Service Records:

As we mentioned earlier, knowing the system and how it was installed makes it easier for the service technician and helps reduce labor costs. The same is true when there are previous service records and notes to reference. The technician will have a good overview of client preferences or any past service issues which eliminates some of the guesswork. 

These notes are also helpful if you need your wires located before a landscaping project, need repairs, plan to make any additions, and more.

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3) They Provide Maintenance Programs:

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the continued beauty and functionality of your system. As mentioned earlier, the weather, plants, and animals can impact its performance. Bulbs burn out over time, wires work their way up to the surface, and fixtures collect debris or get knocked over. Most maintenance programs should address all of these issues to help prevent major breakdowns and future problems.

Ask the company about their maintenance programs and recommendations for your system. You will want maintenance at least once a year that includes cleaning and adjusting fixtures, burying exposed wires, thorough performance checks, and more. See our programs as an example. 

Regular preventive care can go a long way to maintain the life of your lighting system, much like a vehicle and other investments.

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4) Quality Guarantee & Commitment to You: 

Lastly, and most importantly, not all companies consider future needs or plan to be around when your system needs maintenance or repairs. Creating a lighting system that is built to last and provides beautiful illumination takes experience and careful consideration. A dedicated service department is a good indicator the company is committed to providing quality landscape lighting services and helping you protect your investment.

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