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Front Entrance Lighting Ashland Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting DS 04

For many people, summertime means more leisurely nights outdoors spent enjoying all that nature has to offer. Whether it be a quiet evening gazing at the stars or watching the kids catch fireflies in the yard.

A great landscape lighting design should enhance your time outdoors. For our latest project, the lighting at this lovely acreage in Ashland welcomes guests to the front entrance, elevates the outdoor areas, creates a whimsical play space for the grandkids, and improves overall safety at night.

Front Entrance Step Lighting Ashland Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting DS 06

Andrew "A.J." Coleman, designer at McKay Landscape Lighting, worked with the homeowners during this last phase of their lighting design. 

Exterior Front Entrance Lighting:

The owners were renovating their front stoop. "We contemplated a few options for the lights on the steps. Instead of lining them straight up and creating harsh lines, we tapered them from the top out to make the entrance more visually appealing," says Coleman. "We installed uplights on certain trees to give the front yard some ambient light since it's rather dark at night. Path lights along the wooden walkway help guide people to the front door."

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Acreage Driveway Lighting Ashland Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting DS 02

Driveway Lighting: 

The quarter-mile long driveway has uplights staggered on every other maple tree. "We have five on one side and four on the other, alternating trees to get light up and down the driveway." Colemans says, "This technique highlights the branching structure of the maple trees and creates interest."

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Pergola Lighting Ashland Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting DS 11

Pergola Lighting:

As part of the original design installed in 2014, downlights on the pergola illuminate the path and seating area at the end of the structure. There are also path lights in the vegetable garden on the right. The pergola lighting is part of the original design installed in 2014.

Tree House Lighting Ashland Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting DS 08

Tree House Lighting: 

"We installed unique Firefly© Lights that hang in the branches of the tree canopy. It's fun for kids when they are playing. The artistic lights provide a soft glow and move with the wind, but there is enough weight that they don't move too much. The treehouse has post lights installed onto the railing, and a downlight shining on the ladder improves safety at night."

Deck Lighting Ashland Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting DS 12

Deck Lighting:

The deck looks out onto the pergola and treehouse in the backyard. In the railing, post lights illuminate the deck perimeter and top and bottom steps. The walkway has path lights that guide you to other areas of the backyard.

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Acreage Tree Lighting Ashland Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting DS 07

Backyard Tree Lighting: 

A path meanders around the trees in the backyard. Coleman says, "The owners wanted to increase safety for when their grandkids walk along this path. We installed a few uplights on trees and then have downlights in the honey locus trees to illuminate the walkway."

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Downlighting Waterfeature Ashland Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting DS 10

Water Feature Lighting: 

The property has a pondless water feature, about 20 years old, with three falls along the walking path in the backyard. A couple of downlights in the river birch tree shine down onto the water feature. There are some up lights on the trees in the background. 

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Video Tour of the Landscape Lighting Design

Watch the video tour above or go to the gallery to see more photos of this stunning home. 

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