Treehouse Lighting Ideas for Nighttime Fun


Treehouse Lighting Ideas

When you think of the treehouse you had as a kid, you think of all the wonderful memories you made with your siblings and friends. The hideaway it created away from the "bad guys" to the slumber parties under the stars, it was a special place where you could let you imagination run wild. 

But oh, how today’s treehouses have changed! They are bigger and more elaborate with zip lines, climbing walls, bridges, you name it. And they are not just a place for the kids anymore. Some are a weekend retreat or home-away-from-home. Nevertheless, they are still a place where you can go to get away, relax, and let your imagination run wild as you take in your natural surroundings.

Whether your tree house is your own private retreat or for the kiddos enjoyment, exterior lighting can add an element of safety for nighttime use, and a sense of security from those bump-in-the-night noises or scary stories told under the dark sky.

Tree House Outdoor Lighting Ideas Omaha Nebraska

This treehouse is from a landscape lighting project in South Dakota. The homeowners wanted to incorporate some landscape lighting around the tree house into their lighting design. Taking advantage of the mature oak tree, a few fixtures were installed to cascade light onto the bridge, along with the addition of a few soffit lights from the structure. This creates a soft and simple lighting design for a rustic and secluded clubhouse, allowing for safe nighttime enjoyment.

Tree House Lighting Ashland Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting DS 08-1

Outdoor firefly lights are another great option for treehouse lighting, creating a soft ambiance for a magical experience with the kids, or a romantic evening for two under the stars...

Watch this video of an incredible treehouse that homeowners built for their grand kids; read the full story here»

A few low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures will create a relatively inexpensive option, providing enough light to ensure nighttime safety for climbing up and down ladders and crossing bridges, to creating the perfect ambiance for an evening with friends… or catching lightening bugs.

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