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The McKay team traveled to install outdoor lighting at a very unique residential South Dakota home. The homeowner’s goal was to create a rustic feel by using distressed wood, natural stone, colored and stained concrete, and burnt steel panels. The outdoor lighting for this South Dakota project was essential as it sets the mood while adding safety at night. A properly lit space allows the homeowners continued enjoyment of the space into the night and easily move around the space at night. The outdoor space has various different levels: upper deck, lower deck, and patio.

To enhance this home's rustic character, path lights were installed for safe walkways, up lighting and down lighting set the nighttime ambiance, and well lights and specialty lighting around the outdoor kitchen and pool grotto enhance unique features.

Rustic Outdoor Lighting South Dakota

Lighting Outdoor Living Area South Dakota

To accent the natural stone features of the fireplace, well lights were installed before the concrete was poured.  When installing lighting to new or existing hardscapes some prep work is involved. Contractors had to core the holes for the wire to be completely hidden.

Tree House Outdoor Lighting

For the tree house, four strategically placed fixtures were installed. Two in the tree facing down onto the walking bridge and two in the clubhouse soffit. This allows the children to play safely after it starts to get dark and softly accents the clubhouse.

The homeowners wanted to tryout a wireless control computer system that runs electrical items. This control system is newer piece of technology. It allows you to easily turn your lighting system on and off from a remote or smart phone. Our team reconfigured the wires and transformers to give them four different lighting controls: 1) path lights (walkways and steps), 2) up lights and down lights, 3) lights around the outdoor kitchen and natural stone, and 4) treehouse lights.

Lighting Outdoor Kitchen Area

Using a combination of functional and aesthetic lighting techniques serves multiple purposes. Providing the homeowners and their guests well lit outdoor space, one can safely get from the pool to the deck as well as other areas. Strategically placed lighting fixtures accent the stone of the outdoor kitchen and aid in nighttime visibility. Light on the columns serve a dual purpose accenting the stone and highlighting the step for safely.

The last night on the project, AJ, our lighting designer and installation team walked through the property with the homeowners. The final walk through helps homeowners become familiar with how to use their system, answer any questions, see the final design at night, ensure the space has adequate light, and make any necessary adjustments. During the final walk through, the homeowners decided to add more lighting to the unique stone walls by the grotto. AJ showed them a few fixture options and the difference in light spread between the fixtures.

The homeowners showed us the difference between their backyard with landscape lighting and without landscape lighting. Wow, what a difference! The lighting set the mood and created a great backdrop to the backyard, which is what the goal was from the beginning. Properly installed outdoor lighting created an inviting backyard without overpowering the space.

Lighting Outdoor Living Area South Dakota

The homeowners planned the backyard of their dreams for years, not knowing their favorite part would be the landscape lighting. A professional landscape lighting company will have the experience to make your dream project come to life.

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