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As summer begins, spending time outside begins to sound appealing. If you are lucky enough to have a lake home, spending time there sounds even better.  McKay Lighting has provided lighting solutions to lake homes both near and far from the Omaha metro.

In this spotlight, we are focusing on the unique outdoor lighting design applications we installed at a lake home near the Omaha area. The project includes the use of high-quality dock lights and seat wall lighting.

You can see both the sea wall lighting and dock lighting in the photo above.  Our team expertly installed fixtures underneath the dock to create the unique effect of light shining down onto the water. Although it's not easily visible, there are small light fixtures on the corners of the dock. They provide the perfect amount of light to keep you safe and allow you to enjoy a peaceful evening on the dock without overpowering the area. The installation of these fixtures is where McKay stands out. Our lighting technicians have worked on a number of docks and have mastered the components that go into a successful dock lighting installation.


Another important aspect of this project includes the use of high-quality sea wall lights. When the lights shine on the water, it produces a unique look from shadows bouncing off the rocky wall. These fixtures are made from extremely durable materials and blend well into the stone.


There are other design tactics we used in this project, like fire pit lighting, that will bring enjoyment and make your lake home shine at night. However, the dock and sea wall lighting techniques shown here prove to be some of our most unique yet. It's a great example of the difference McKay Lighting can make to your lake home. Adequately lighting your lake home will not only make it look great at night and bring enjoyment, but it helps make it safer and more secure. You can see more photos of this project or browse other projects in our gallery

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