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The garage is often a prominent portion of the front home. Outdoor garage lighting can increase nighttime security while also providing a unique curb appeal. In this post, we share two landscape lighting techniques that create dimension, add security, and enhance the evening curb appeal of this beautiful Omaha home. 

The distinctive features of this Omaha residence include the unique detailing of the garage doors and the dormers above the garage. Strategically enhancing these characteristics with proper lighting is a great way to show off the best features of the home while eliminating dark areas where an intruder might hide.

Garage Door Downlighting

An effective way to increase home security and safety includes garage door lighting. A dark garage can leave your home vulnerable to potential burglars since it is a common entry point. We recommend illuminating your home's entrances to increase security. You can read more of our home security lighting tips here

Installing outdoor lighting on the garage doors and the surrounding area is one way to help increase nighttime security and safety. At this home, we installed downlights into the soffit or eaves above the garage. The light shines down along the garage doors and immediate area to increase garage security and bring out the unique aspects of the doors. It also increases visibility when the homeowners arrive home late at night or leave before the sunrise. 

The downlights above the garage door also highlight the unique detailing of the door to enhance the appeal. If your garage door has a distinctive style and craftsmanship, this is a great way to make it shine at night. 

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Garage Dormer Lighting

Garage dormer lighting helps increase the curb appeal of the home. Dormers are a unique feature of a garage and often overlooked. When properly illuminated, it adds height and accents the aesthetics of the garage. 

At this property, we wanted to showcase the dormers and enhance the unique woodworking details at night. Our team installed uplight fixtures in a way that reduces glare to the windows, yet makes them "pop" after the sun goes down. 

Before adding light, discuss how you use the inside space with your designer. They will know how to light the exterior without interfering with anyone's sleep. Need help finding a lighting professional in your area? Download our free guide»


Garage Security and Curb Appeal

Exterior garage lighting is an integral part of effective home security. A well-lit garage makes it difficult for potential intruders to access a common entrance to your property. If your home has unique garage doors or features, highlighting these aspects will add a tremendous amount of curb appeal to your property.

The garage lighting techniques featured include soffit downlighting onto the garage doors, providing an important security and safety aspect, and uplighting the garage dormers, boosting aesthetic appeal. The outdoor lighting helps make the garage a safe place and welcomes the homeowners as they arrive home late in the evening. If the garage door is accidentally left open at night, the lighting helps deter criminals from entering the garage.

More garage lighting ideas to increase security and boost appeal» 

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Coming home and discovering your garage or another part of your home has been burglarized is the worst feeling. At McKay Lighting, it's always our goal to create aesthetically pleasing landscape lighting designs that also protect you and your family. For expert help making your garage more secure and visually appealing, schedule a free consultation with one of our designers today. 

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