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When properly done, landscape lighting can boost the nighttime curb appeal and increase the security of your home and property. Sometimes lighting the garage might not seem like a high priority, but it's an area you shouldn't neglect if:

  • it has unique or notable architectural features;
  • the focal point of your home's curbside view: 
  • security and safety are a concern;
  • dark compared to the existing lighting design 

A dark garage can be an easy target for thieves. A little light will not only deters intruders, but it can also make a significant difference in boosting curb appeal. In this post, you will find garage lighting ideas to enhance nighttime curb appeal and increase security. 

Garage lighting ideas to enhance nighttime curb appeal and increase security:

Garage Lighting to Showcase Your Home's Best Architectural Features | Omaha, Nebraska - McKay Landscape Lighting

Showcase Your Home's Best Architectural Features

A garage that is a prominent feature of a home's curbside view will greatly benefit from landscape lighting. Instead of mounting coach lights to the exterior of the home, consider up-lighting the columns to showcase the beautiful stone or brickwork. Light is naturally more appealing and creates interest when it shines from the ground up. You'll love the unique nighttime curb appeal and how it creates a welcoming first impression for your guests.

This technique works best if we can place the fixtures before the concrete is poured. At McKay Lighting, your designer works with your builder, architect, or contractor to coordinate the details and arrange the install.

Now, perhaps, you like this look but your concrete work is done. It's possible we can core drill the concrete to install fixtures. Our experienced team will know the best options.

Draw Attention to Unique Features with Landscape Lighting. Find out how to dress up your dormers and more.... | McKay Landscape Lighting - Omaha, Nebraska

Dress up Dormers

Dormers often go overlooked. However, proper dormer lighting adds an element of height by elongating the house. It also creates another layer of light, accentuating the aesthetics of the property.

We mount fixtures at the gutter line and then adjust the light to shine on the dormer.
You don't want to interfere with anyone's sleep, so first you'll want to consider how the inside space gets used. It's just one of the things we cover when creating a design for a client. 

See How to Boost Nighttime Garage Curb Appeal Omaha, Nebraska - McKay Landscape Lighting

Increase Garage Security & Safety Measures

We all want our garage to be a secure and safe place. Installing garage lighting is one measure you take to increase security and deter break-in attempts. In addition, it helps increase visibility when you enter or leave. See our tips for assessing your home's security lighting

Overall, proper lighting makes the garage area much safer for you and your family. And if you forget to close the garage door at night, criminals will most likely avoid entering a well-lit area.

If you have a detached garage, don't forget to light the path you take from your garage into your home.

In the photo above, we used a few different techniques to illuminate the garage columns (up lights and down lights) and nearby trees (up lights).  

Lighting your garage to balance out existing lighting, click to learn more.. | McKay Landscape Lighting - Omaha, Nebraska

Balance Existing Lighting

The garage is often considered a separate entity. However, you'll want an overall look that works in harmony with existing lighting to provide a welcoming curbside view.  Lighting the garage can help your design achieve a balanced look.

Here, fixtures are installed into the soffit of the house, illuminating the unique aspects of the garage doors, and adding to the curb appeal. In a previous photo, this technique was used in combination with dormer lighting.

An experienced lighting designer will provide a comprehensive lighting design that not only enhances your homes unique features and boost curb appeal, but will increase security and safety. You'll love coming home every evening to a warm and inviting atmosphere. . 

If you have any questions about garage lighting or would like to discuss your lighting needs, feel free to schedule a free consultation online with one of our designers today. 

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