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How to Reset Analog Landscape Lighting Timer for SPRING - McKay Lighting Omaha Nebraska

For homeowners with a low-voltage landscape lighting system, it is a good time of the year to adjust your outdoor lighting timer as it will start getting darker later in the evenings. Photocell or astronomical timers often adjusts itself, whereas analog timers need to be manually adjusted to reflect the change in seasons. 

In this post, our service manager explains how to adjust an analog landscape lighting timer for spring. Watch our short 2-minute video or follow along with our step-by-step instructions. 

How to Reset Your Landscape Lighting Timer to Spring Forward

Step 1: Locate Your Transformer

Transformers are often installed outside of the house (usually around other utility boxes) or inside the garage. After you find your transformer, unlock the latch to open the door and find the timer.

If you're a client of ours and can't find your transformer or timer, please feel free to contact us for help.

How to Reset Analog Landscape Lighting Timer for SPRING - Click to see the step-by-step directions.... | McKay Lighting Omaha Nebraska IMG_0510

Step 2: Find the Current Time of Day

Find the current “TIME OF DAY.” It is often located in the center of most timers but might vary depending on the brand. In our photo, we highlighted its location in yellow.

Step 3) Turn the Dial Ahead one Hour - Click to see How to Reset Analog Landscape Lighting Timer for SPRING | McKay Lighting Omaha NebraskaStep 3: Turn the Dial to the Current Time or Ahead One Hour 

Now, turn the dial to the current time or ahead 1-hour. The light portion of the dial represents the AM hours while the dark portion indicates the PM hours. This will help ensure it gets set for the correct time of day. Some timers tend to lose time with age. You can check your timer periodically – once or twice a year around daylight saving time should suffice.

If you are wondering about the red and green pins, you don't need to move them unless you want to change when your lights come on or off. The green pin indicates when your timer is set to turn on and the red pin indicates when it will turn off.  Most likely, you have one of each unless your lights are set to come on and off at different times throughout the night. But, again, you shouldn’t have to change these pins. 

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Step 4: Test it Out (optional)  

If you want to make sure your timer is correctly set, you could look outside to see if your lights are on. If they are on and shouldn’t be, you might have it set for the wrong time of day. If that is not the case, you can always contact us with any additional questions.

After the cold winter months, we suggest having your lighting system toughly checked to help maintain its beauty and functionality. Nebraska's cold weather can be harsh on a lighting system and bulbs. A comprehensive performance check should include replacing burnt out bulbs, resetting timers, adjusting fixtures, and repairing any damage to ensure your system continues to performs its best year after year. Everything mentioned and more is included in our maintenance programs at McKay Lighting. We also share tips for doing it yourself in our Spring Maintenance Checklist

Learn more about our Service Programs or See our spring service checklist

If you have any questions about landscape lighting timers or would like to discuss your maintenance needs, please feel free to contact us or make a service request online»

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