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Landscape lighting is an important aspect of the home. It provides beauty, security, safety, and, as warmer weather arrives, continued enjoyment of your outdoor living areas. 

After Nebraska's cold, harsh winters, spring maintenance can help improve the performance and functionality of a lighting system. McKay's service team developed this spring maintenance checklist to help ensure your system works its best this spring and summer. 

Check for Winter Damage:  

Since the snow is gone and the ground is thawing, any damages caused by snow removal can now be repaired.

  • Look for Damaged Fixtures: Errant snowplow blades, sledding, and other winter activities can sometimes cause damage to fixtures. Things like cracked lenses and bent path lights are not effective or aesthetically pleasing. If you notice some damage, look at your warranty. Most high-quality fixtures have a lifetime warranty and will replace damaged fixtures. 

  • Realign Fixtures: The freezing and thawing of the ground and ever-growing trees and plant roots underneath the surface can slowly push fixtures upwards. You can realign any crooked fixtures and then properly situate them back into the ground.

  • Clean Fixture Lenses: The melting snow and rain leave mineral deposits on lenses, which can make your lights appear dimmer than normal. A nonabrasive cloth, CLR type of cleaner, mixed with a little elbow grease will do the get your lenses clean. See more of our winter maintenance tips.

Check for Common Landscaping Mishaps: 

Spring is a popular time of the year to make landscaping improvements.

  • Clean Fixture Area: Mulching can fill in or bury nearby fixtures and obstruct the light from shining. As some plants grow, they can also block the light of the fixture. If you notice some dark areas, you can carefully clear away any extra mulch or trim plant growth.

  • Clean Lenses: of any plant debris that has accumulated during the fall and winter. See the bullet point above for how to clean your lenses. 

  • Cut Wire: Edging existing or new mulch beds can sometimes result in cut wires. If you have cut wires, some or all of your lights will not work. We recommend flagging your property to prevent cut wires for these types of projects.

Reset Your Outdoor Lighting Timer:

Analog timers need adjusting to reflect the change of seasons. You can follow our quick video below or follow our step-by-step instructions.

Learn about this digital timer that adjusts itself throughout the year.

Request Landscape Lighting Maintenance or Repairs:

Don't want to do-it-yourself? At McKay Lighting, we have a dedicated service team for maintenance and repair services to help keep your lighting system looking and performing its best. When you enroll in one of our maintenance programs, a service technician will clean lenses, re-align fixtures, run thorough performance checks, and more to get your system operating at its peak performance.  

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Landscape Lighting Design Adjustments: 

Spring often brings landscape projects or home renovations. Any major changes to your property could impact your lighting design by leaving dark spots or unbalanced light. A designer can adjust your lighting design to reflect these changes. Depending on the scope of the project, it could be as simple as moving or adding a few fixtures.

Our designers are happy to help you with your project, you can schedule a free consultation online or give us a call at (402) 289-3424. Outdoor Landscape Lighting Maintenance and Repairs Omaha Nebraska - McKay Lighting

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