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Outdoor Deck & Patio Lighting Ideas to Enhance Your Space Omaha Nebraska. Click to see more outdoor lighting ideas... McKay Landscape Lighting

A deck or patio is a wonderful extension of the home. If you are ready to utilize yours more into the evenings, then you are going to love these deck and patio lighting ideas.

The right outdoor lighting can transform your deck or patio into the perfect place to entertain, dine, or simply relax while enjoying the evening surrounded by nature. Perhaps, while watching a beautiful Nebraska sunset as you enjoy a glass of wine or ice-cold beer.

The following deck and patio lighting ideas show ways you can enhance your space and extend these long, leisurely evenings. 

Deck Post Lighting: Adding light to the posts of your deck can easily extend your time outside while adding safety... Click to see more deck lighting ideas... | McKay Landscape Lighting Omaha Nebraska - Deck & Patio Lighting Ideas

Deck Post Lighting:

Adding light to the posts of your deck can easily extend your time outside while adding safety too. When installed onto the prominent deck posts, these custom fixtures cast a soft glow down onto the deck while highlighting its perimeter. The illumination provides the perfect amount of ambient light for a peaceful evening and provides a safety element for you and your guests. These post lights can also be installed onto stair railings to illuminate steps at night. 

At McKay Landscape Lighting, we have a variety of deck post fixture options and can customize it to match the color of your deck, so it blends in with your railings. You will barely notice the fixtures -- all you'll notice is the increased beauty and enjoyment after dark. It's a great way to utilize your deck without sitting in the dark. 

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Deck Lighting Ideas Omaha Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting

Deck Lighting:

In the photo featured above, we used a few different lighting techniques to illuminate this deck. The small fixture installed into the vertical surface of the step shines light directly on the path to mark the elevation change, helping prevent trips and falls. The sconces on the brick pillars add a splash of light to the deck. In the ceiling of the covered deck, we installed mini light fixtures on every other joist to enhance the architectural detailing and create soft ambient light.

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Outdoor Bistro String Lighting Omaha Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting B 03-3

Bistro Outdoor String Lights:

When added to a deck or patio, these versatile café inspired outdoor string lights to produce a soft glow and unique ambiance. We also installed a light directly above the grill area to make outdoor cooking easier and safer after the sun has set. 

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fire pit patio seat wall lighting omaha nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting B 03-2

Patio Seat Wall Lighting:

Seat wall lights are a beautiful application ideal for patios, free-standing features, or steps. This patio lighting technique works well to illuminate low profile areas, highlight natural stone, and make features easier to see in the dark -- helpful for when you have guests not familiar with your property.

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Patio Lighting Ideas - Wall Lighting - Omaha NE McKay Landscape Lighting

Patio Wall Sconce Lighting:

These copper light sconces are another great option to light a patio wall. The fixture softly illuminates the area, making it safer at night, and shines on the stonework to create an aesthetically pleasing look. This versatile fixture also works well to light other areas - fire pits, retaining walls, pillars, docks, and so much more. 

Deck & Patio Lighting Ideas - Downlighting Omaha Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting

Downlighting onto Patio or Deck:

Another popular option for lighting a patio or deck includes a technique called downlighting. A light fixture is placed in a nearby tree or structure and casts a gentle light onto the area below. Here we have downlights shining onto the patio from the mature trees.

As you can see in the photo above, the distinctive shadowing effects from the leaves create a truly extraordinary setting. This application, also known as moonlighting, is meant to replicate the natural beauty provided by the light of the moon.

Outdoor Patio Lighting - Path Lights Omaha Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting

Lighting a Patio with Path Lights:

Another patio lighting option includes the use of path lights. The fixture emits light downward onto the patio, highlighting the perimeter. It can be easy to go overboard and use too many path lights. Path lights come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Whether you have a more traditional or contemporary, your lighting designer can help you select a path light to complement the aesthetics of your home. They'll also know how to properly space path lights based on their size and spread and make your patio look great. 

Outdoor Patio Lighting Omaha Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting

Patio Lighting:

Strategically lighting trees, scrubs, stone boulders, and other landscape features can create a nice scenic backdrop and provide ambient light. At the property featured above, we installed downlights in mature trees that shine on the garden area, up lit select mature trees, and then have a few path lights along the patio.

Soft ambient light in the background can really make a statement. Not only that, but the increased visibility in the yard also provides security. Proper lighting allows visual control of our surroundings and can help us feel at ease. It also helps deter intruders from entering onto a property. When you're using your patio at night, you will instinctively feel more at ease knowing you can see any activity in your backyard and that it lacks ominous dark areas.

Outdoor Deck & Patio Stair Lighting: Lighting stairs, walkways, and changes in elevation not only adds ambiance but helps prevent trips and falls. Click to see more deck & patio lighting ideas...  McKay Landscape Lighting - Omaha, Nebraska

Outdoor Deck & Patio Step Lighting:

Lighting steps, stairs, and elevation changes not only adds ambiance but helps prevent trips and falls. In the photo above, we used two different applications to light the stairs. The path light provides enough visibility to guide you safely to the top of the stairs, while the cascade light on the wall safely leads you down the rest of the steps and onto the lower level.

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outdoor deck lighting omaha nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting B 02

As you can see, there are many ways to enhance a deck or patio with landscape lighting. If you would like to discuss your unique deck or patio lighting needs with one of our experienced designers, feel free to give us a call at 402.289.3424 or schedule your free consultation online. Whether you have a smaller deck or large patio with features, we'll know what techniques will work best given the situation, provides function, and complements your lifestyle. 

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