Specialty Lighting Spotlight: Lighted Sculptures


Specialty lighting has become an important aspect to any new lighting system and McKay's lighted sculptures will bring a unique flavor to your property.  These fixtures, specially designed for McKay will help illuminate your outdoor living area and bring an artistic element to your yard!

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Benefits of a McKay Lighting System: Lifetime Warranty


McKay Lighting's designs and installations have been talked about often on this blog, but the fixtures, wires, and transformers that McKay use are also also an important component to a beautiful lighting system.  McKay uses American-made products with a 100% lifetime warranty that will allow you...

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Vacation Home Lighting: McKay Travels to Illuminate your Vacation Retreat


With cold weather approaching, a trip to a vacation home is sounding better and better. Did you know that McKay travels to provide vacation home lighting to clients outside of the Omaha area?  McKay will provide a beautiful signature  design to make your vacation home shine at night! 

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McKay's Mention in Houzz


McKay Lighting's work was recently mentioned in an article on Houzz.com.  The article was a very informative article about various types of outdoor lighting and shows work from a number of other prominent outdoor lighting companies from across the country.  A huge thank you to Houzz for featuring...

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Commercial Outdoor Lighting for Neighborhood Developments


Commercial outdoor lighting can enhance the nighttime feel and aesthetic of neighborhood developments.

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Outdoor Lighting Maintenance: The McKay Advantage


Outdoor lighting maintenance is an extremely important component to keep any property's lighting system looking great for a number of years to come.  McKay Lighting provides an ongoing annual service program that will assure that your property will look good for many years ahead. The best part...

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Project Spotlight: Players Club at Deer Creek


McKay Lighting's projects often branch to commercial lighting projects from the normal residential lighting projects. One of our newest installations of this kind of project is at the Players Club at Deer Creek Golf Club in Omaha, NE.

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Specialty Lighting: Hand-Blown Glass Globes


Are you looking for the newest cool lighting idea to make your yard unique at night? McKay Lighting provides a number of different specialty lighting products that will help make your property stand out at night.  One of McKay's most popular specialty lighting fixtures is our hand-blown glass...

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Outdoor Deck Lighting: Keep It Looking Great at Night


With over 20 years experience, McKay Landscape Lighting has provided outdoor deck lighting designs for homeowners with all different types of decks. Our wide variety of specially designed fixtures and experience are sure to make your deck stand out at night! There are several ways to make your...

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Keeping Your Property Safe: Outdoor Security Lighting Fixtures

Path lights and downlights keep your property safe
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