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Backyard landscape lighting ideas - pergola lighting omaha nebraska mckay lighting

Let’s face it—you’re probably spending a lot more time at home these days. If you are cooped up inside all day, your backyard may be a nice retreat or a refreshing change of scenery. Many studies have proven nature has a positive effect on your mental health. Spending more time outdoors, surrounded by nature, in the open air is something to embrace now more than ever as it's a great way to unwind and de-stress.

In an effort to help you continue to practice #socialdistancing and make your time at home more enjoyable, we are sharing different ways to transform your backyard into your own private resort or sanctuary with strategically placed landscape lighting. We hope these ideas can make your own backyard more relaxing for you in the upcoming months.

Here are some outdoor lighting ideas for your backyard sanctuary

backyard landscape lighting ideas - patio lighting omaha nebraska mckay lighting

Extend Your Living Space Outside 

Your outdoor living spaces are wonderful places to enjoy dinner, spend time with the family, or simply unwind while watching the sunset after being in the house all day.

With the right outdoor lighting techniques, you can create a wonderful evening ambiance and increase safety so you can continue using your space after the sun goes down.

backyard landscape lighting ideas - deck lighting omaha nebraska mckay lighting

Deck Lighting

These small but mighty custom fixtures installed near the railing are barely noticeable during the day. At night, the soft light provides tremendous effect, creating an outdoor room that can be enjoyed all hours of the night. Grab a beverage and enjoy the beauty of nature. There are numerous ways you can light a deck, see more popular deck lighting ideas.

backyard landscape lighting ideas - patio lighting omaha nebraska mckay lighting

Patio Lighting

Incorporating downlights that shine onto your patio from a nearby tree allows for a more natural feel and creates a unique environment, much like the effect of a full moon-lit sky. You can also highlight any walls or unique features to make them stand out at night. Your entire patio area will look distinguished at night with the right lighting applications.

backyard landscape lighting ideas - garden landscape lighting omaha nebraska mckay lighting

Landscape or Garden Lighting

Landscaping, flower beds, and gardens can provide a peaceful sanctuary. A tranquil place to relax, surrounded by nature and blooming flowers. Illuminating your flower beds will also show off all of their beautiful colors at night. This is another great area for downlighting.

Highlighting the trees or landscaping near the perimeter of your yard can mark boundaries, create an extra layer of security, and provide a nice scenic backdrop, like the photo below.

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backyard landscape lighting ideas - outdoor kitchen grill lighting omaha nebraska mckay lighting

Outdoor Kitchen + Grill Lighting 

A light shining down onto your grill or cooking area can make meal prep and outdoor cooking much easier and safer at night. Amp up the aesthetics or highlight under cabinets with LED tape light. 

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backyard landscape lighting ideas - outdoor fireplace lighting omaha nebraska mckay lighting

Lighting Outdoor Fireplace + Fire pits

Is there a more wonderful and cozy place to unwind on these chilly nights than near the warmth of your outdoor fireplace or fit pit? A few lights shining on an outdoor fireplace or around a fire pit will not only increase safety nearby but also create an aesthetically pleasing look. 

backyard landscape lighting ideas - outdoor fire pit lighting omaha nebraska mckay lighting

Custom Backyard Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Perhaps, you already completed a backyard project or currently in the process of installing one that was once on the back burner. A little strategically placed landscape lighting around certain aspects of your backyard or unique features will not only add ambiance but extend its use and add safety after the sunsets. So, even though you may be at home, you can enjoy your time with resort-like vibes.

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