Outdoor Lighting Ideas for These Wonderful Fall Nights


It's the best time of the year. The days may be getting shorter, but Omaha's beautiful autumn weather makes it comfortable enough to spend more time outside long after the sun has gone down.

When it comes to enjoying your outdoor living areas or yard in the fall, the perfect outdoor lighting design can make all the difference. Along with extending the amount of time you can use your space, proper lighting can enhance its natural beauty while adding safety and security.

Browse some of our favorite fall landscape lighting design ideas that are perfect for enjoying the season from the comfort of your backyard.

Outdoor Fire Pit Lighting Omaha Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting S 10LIGHTING OUTDOOR FIRE FEATURES 

A cozy outdoor fire pit or fireplace is an ideal gathering spot to enjoy these crisp fall evenings. While the fire produces a certain amount of light, outdoor lighting can enhance the intricate details of your fire feature and transform your experience by creating a unique ambiance and increasing safety. Grab a blanket and get ready to take unwinding fireside to another level. 

Are you looking to enhance the natural ambiance created by the fire's flames? Explore our popular posts on fire pit lighting or fireplace lighting for ideas. 

cdn2.hubspot.nethubfs319325social-suggested-imagesOutdoor Kitchen Lighting Omaha NE McKay Landscape Lighting M 08 (2)


The welcoming break from the summer heat makes the idea of outdoor cooking and dining more appealing. But, as the sun sets earlier this time of the year, it can be challenging without proper lighting. If you ever tried grilling (or enjoying) the perfect steak in the dark, you know how hard it can be. 

Whether you have an expansive outdoor kitchen or a modest grill area, the right lighting can dramatically change your food preparation, cooking, and dining experience. Browse some different ways to brighten your outdoor kitchen and grill area. 

The outdoor pergola lighting elegantly enhances the structure while offering endless opportunities for entertaining or relaxing into the evening.  Click to see more fall outdoor lighitng designs | McKay Landscape Lighting - Omaha, Nebraska

A pergola is a distinguished outdoor living area that is both beautiful and dramatic. At this charming old-world home, it's a cozy little nook right off the kitchen. The lighting elegantly enhances the structure while providing a soft glow offering endless opportunities for dining, entertaining, or relaxing into the evening. 

Patio Lighting Omaha Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting L 04DECK AND PATIO LIGHTING 

While an extension of the home, outdoor living areas provide a different type of retreat from the indoors. Whether you're gearing up for watching football on the patio or just planning to enjoy the nice autumn breeze while relaxing on your deck, outdoor lighting is essential this time of the year for continued use and safety.

There are many deck and patio lighting ideas to enhance your space. You can make yours seriously covet-worthy with an outdoor lighting design customized to your unique needs and style.

Outdoor Patio Lighting Downlighting Patio Omaha Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting B 13

Tree Landscape Lighting Omaha Nebraska McKay Landscape Lighting


One of the great things about fall is the awe-inspiring autumn colors and changing foliage. We can further enhance these beautiful golden-brown tones, dramatize textures, and create unique shadowing effects with landscape lighting. 

Highlighting the landscape in your yard can provide a sense of serenity and visual appeal when using your outdoor living areas or create a welcoming scene as you arrive home in the evenings. 

For trees and various types of landscape, a lighting designer can help you determine the best way to enhance your landscape with light. You can browse this post for ideas on how to accent the trees in your yard. 

Strategically illuminating architectural features and certain aspects can enhance its natural beauty while adding curb appeal and increasing security. McKay Landscape Lighting Omaha Nebraska

Enhancing Your Home WITH LIGHT

Speaking of creating an inviting scene to welcome you home, what's better than driving up to the beautiful glow of a well-lit abode at the end of the day? Strategically illuminating architectural features and certain aspects can enhance its natural beauty while adding curb appeal and increasing security.

For fireplaces made out of stone or brick, uplighting provides a unique shadowing effect. The light trickles up the stone or brick, drawing attention to all the intricate details of the hardscape. Click to read more | McKay Landscape Lighting - Omaha, Nebraska

Make Your Home a Haven this Fall with Outdoor Lighting

Fall is an extraordinary time of the year to enjoy the cooler weather, gorgeous change of scenery, and utilize our outdoor living areas. One of the great things about landscape lighting is the year-round enjoyment it brings to our homes and landscapes. From the glisten on snow-covered trees to the enhanced colorful blooms of spring, each season provides a unique sense of marvel.

The dedicated team at McKay Landscape Lighting will work with you to enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor space while considering your unique needs.

Ready to brighten your fall nights?  Schedule a free consultation online or give us a call at (402) 289-3424 to meet with an outdoor lighting designer today.

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Outdoor and Landscape Lighting Ideas - Browse Our Photos for Inspiration | McKay Landscape Lighting Omaha Nebraska

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