Landscape Management: The Shining Light


This blog post is coming to you from our friends at Landscape Management. Editor, Marisa Palmieri, attended The Lighting Summit, an annual event we host every January that is geared for landscape lighting professionals. She recently wrote an article sharing a few things found illuminating from...

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Boost Home Security with Outdoor Lighting


The end of February is upon us and we have been daydreaming about spring lately. With warmer weather comes more time spent outdoors.  If you are anything like me, as soon as it is warm enough I like open all the windows in the house to let in the fresh air. With as many benefits that this...

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Project Spotlight: Rustic Outdoor Lighting | South Dakota


The McKay team traveled to install outdoor lighting at a very unique residential South Dakota home. The homeowner’s goal was to create a rustic feel by using distressed wood, natural stone, colored and stained concrete, and burnt steel panels. The outdoor lighting for this South Dakota project...

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Unique Lighting Features: Colored LED Tape Lighting


LED landscape lighting has become more and more popular over the past few years and McKay Lighting has unveiled a number of unique LED lighting fixtures.  One of the most unique applications we have used is this colored LED tape lighting. The pictures in this post show the different looks that...

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Unique Outdoor Lighting Ideas: Gazebo Lighting


McKay Landscape Lighting has experience lighting a number of different aspects of a property.  One unique aspect that is often requested is outdoor gazebo lighting. Gazebos are an integral part of a property and a McKay lighting design provides adequate lighting to ensure that it commands...

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Project Spotlight: Lake Home Lighting


As summer begins, spending time outside begins to sound appealing. If you are lucky enough to have a lake home, spending time there sounds even better.  McKay Lighting has provided lighting solutions to lake homes both near and far from the Omaha metro.

In this spotlight, we are focusing on the...

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Draw Attention to Your Flagpole with Outdoor Lighting


In honor of Memorial Day, we would like to shed a little light on flagpole lighting. If you have a flagpole in your front or backyard, consider the impact lighting could have on it at night. Adding light to your flagpole is a great way to make your yard stand out at night. Depending on the size...

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Hand-Blown Glass Fixtures: What You Need to Know to add Unique Color to Your Property


One of McKay's most unique fixtures is our hand-blown glass fixtures.  These fixtures have become one of the more popular fixtures installed by McKay because of their unique look and their versatile uses. Homeowners have come up with unique ways to utilize these fixtures and McKay has made the ...

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LED Lighting: Subtly Enhancing a Blue Spruce with a Cool White LED Bulb


While we like to stay away from using colored lenses at McKay Landscape Lighting, adding a Cool White LED bulb to a Blue Spruce can be a subtle and natural way to bring out the tree's color at night. Some lighting companies use colored lenses to enhance the colors on specific projects, but at...

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Commercial Wall Lighting: Bring Unique Lighting to Commercial Properties


An earlier post outlined some of the unique advantages of lighting an outdoor wall surrounding a homeowner's property.  Of course, many home will not have a prominent wall surrounding their property.  Instead, perhaps the entire neighborhood is surrounded by a wall.  This wall provides security...

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