Outdoor Deck Lighting: Unique Deck Lighting Ideas


The previous post in this series focused on traditional deck lighting, but this post takes a different approach and looks at a few unique outdoor deck lighting ideas.  The post features some popular unique deck lighting fixtures that McKay Landscape Lighting has used in our designs. If you don't...

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Outdoor Deck Lighting: Creating a Unique Outdoor Living Area


Similar to an outdoor kitchen, your deck extends your living area outdoors. As the weather continues to warm up, we are all likely looking forward to spending more time on our decks with family and friends. Outdoor deck lighting is necessary if you hope to extend those hours with family into the...

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Water Feature Lighting Part Two: Submersible Lighting


Our last blog post focused on pond lighting from above and around a pond. However, this post focuses on a different lighting design tactic of submersible pond lighting. These specially designed fixtures are installed within a pond and shine light from under the water. While McKay designers...

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Water Feature Lighting Part One: Downlighting


Water feature lighting has become a popular way for homeowners to showcase their water features and the surrounding area. While many use submersible pond lighting, McKay prefers to use downlighting to showcase the water feature. Instead of creating glare from within the water, our designers...

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Outdoor Kitchen Series Part 3: LED Step Lighting


The third and final part of our outdoor kitchen series looks at a different application of LED tape lighting: LED step lighting. Any small step in your outdoor living area or outdoor kitchen can cause problems for you or your guests at night.  This unique LED stair lighting softly lights the...

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Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Series Part Two: Grill Lighting


As we continue our outdoor kitchen lighting series, we move on to McKay Landscape Lighting's unique grill lighting. One of the most important aspects of an outdoor kitchen is definitely the grill.  Whether or not a full outdoor kitchen accompanies you grill or not, having a low voltage light...

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Outdoor Kitchen Series Part One: LED Tape Light


LED landscape lighting is becoming more popular as more homeowners "go green". Here at McKay Lighting, one of the unique ways we utilize LED tape lighting to make outdoor kitchens look great at night. Outdoor kitchens are one of the hottest new trends in home construction and McKay's lighting...

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Winter Outdoor Lighting Maintenance


With this year's early onset of winter, it can be easy to forget that your outdoor lighting system needs to be serviced.  Winter weather has the potential to cause problems in outdoor lighting systems.  Sometimes moisture getting in wires and fixtures simply cannot be avoided. The cold adds...

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Holiday Lighting by McKay: Make your Home Shine During the Holidays


McKay Lighting has specialized in landscape lighting for the past 20 years, but has also been professionally installing holiday lighting systems in the Omaha area for the past several years.  Our holiday lighting systems, like our landscape lighting systems are professionally designed with the...

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Project Spotlight: Sioux Falls, South Dakota Landscape Lighting

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