Water Feature Lighting: McKay Make your Water Feature Look Great at Night


Lighting water features is an important aspect to consider when providing a lighting design to a property.  Often, high-voltage lights are used on water features and create an overpowering effect at night. Instead, McKay uses low-voltage lighting to create a softer light that makes the running...

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Outdoor Stair Lighting: McKay Keeps Your Outdoor Living Area Safe at Night


As summer sets in we are spending more time outside and more time on your deck or outdoor living area.  McKay provides unique outdoor stairs lighting options to assure that you will be safe when you are outdoors after dark.  McKay uses a number of different design tactics to first make sure that...

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Unique McKay Fixtures: Coach Lighting


While McKay Lighting has been installing outdoor lighting systems for over 20 years, we have always tried to stay on the cutting edge of new trends in general outdoor lighting.  Today's fixture spotlight focuses on the unique coach lighting that McKay has been recently installing more and more.

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Swimming Pool Lights: Beauty & Safety After Sunset


As summer begins to near, you may be getting your swimming pool in shape for a summer of fun in the sun.  Perhaps one thing that you haven't considered in making your pool look great is swimming pool lights.  McKay Lighting has over 20 years of experience in installing lighting systems and have...

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Patio Lighting: Enjoy Outdoor Living After Sunset


As spring weather finally starts to set in, time on the patio becomes an enjoyable occasion especially after the sun sets.  McKay Lighting has years of experience installing patio lighting for a variety of different patios.  The use of seat wall lights in walls create safer walkways and beautify...

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Unique Deck Lights: Adding Flair to Your Deck with Bistro Lighting


Some previous posts have focused on traditional deck lights, but today the focus is on one of McKay's newest types of lighting: Bistro lighting. This type of lighting is new and unique and is specifically geared for use while entertaining.  There are a number of different ways that this light...

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Let McKay Illuminate your Garden: Healing Garden Lighting


McKay Lighting has gone from providing lighting just for residential gardens to healing garden lighting.  Whether the garden lighting is around an assisted living complex, a hospital or any other area that may provide a garden for its guests or residents.

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Driveway Lighting: The McKay Difference

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Specialty Lighting Spotlight: Lighted Sculptures


Specialty lighting has become an important aspect to any new lighting system and McKay's lighted sculptures will bring a unique flavor to your property.  These fixtures, specially designed for McKay will help illuminate your outdoor living area and bring an artistic element to your yard!

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Vacation Home Lighting: McKay Travels to Illuminate your Vacation Retreat


With cold weather approaching, a trip to a vacation home is sounding better and better. Did you know that McKay travels to provide vacation home lighting to clients outside of the Omaha area?  McKay will provide a beautiful signature  design to make your vacation home shine at night! 

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