Rustic Outdoor Lighting Design | South Dakota

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Unique Outdoor Lighting Ideas: Pavilion Lighting


McKay Landscape Lighting has experience lighting a number of different aspects of a property. One unique aspect that is often requested is outdoor pavilion lighting. Pavilions are an integral part of a property and a McKay lighting design provides adequate lighting to ensure that it commands...

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Commercial Wall Lighting: Unique Lighting at Commercial Properties

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Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Series Part Two: Grill Lighting


As we continue our outdoor kitchen lighting series, we move on to McKay Landscape Lighting's unique grill lighting. One of the most important aspects of an outdoor kitchen is definitely the grill. Whether or not a full outdoor kitchen accompanies you grill or not, having a low voltage light shining...

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Highlight Your Home With: Step Lighting


As summer sets in we are spending more time outside and more time on your deck or outdoor living area. McKay provides unique outdoor stairs lighting options to assure that you will be safe when you are outdoors after dark. McKay uses a number of different design tactics to first make sure that your...

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American Made Handcrafted Coach Lighting Fixtures To Enhance the Home


As homeowners, we enjoy finding ways to decorate our home and enhance its beauty.  Coach lighting fixtures are a year-round accessory for the house, similar to a piece of jewelry or a tie. The right style and size can make all the difference to enhance beauty and increase security.

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How to Use Landscape Lighting Along Your Driveway

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Benefits of a McKay Lighting System: Lifetime Warranty


McKay Landscape Lighting's designs and installations have been talked about often on this blog, but the fixtures, wires, and transformers that McKay uses are also also an important component to a beautiful lighting system. McKay uses American-made products with a 100% lifetime warranty that will...

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Keeping Your Property Safe: Outdoor Security Lighting Fixtures

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Keeping Your Home Safe at Night


One of a homeowner's biggest fears is the possibility of an intrusion happening during the night, but often this can be prevented with outdoor security lighting. Families can spend countless dollars on in-home security systems to keep their peace of mind, yet may still go to bed with a slight fear...

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